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It's no wonder divorce hurts so much, when weddings are so expensive. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is close to $20,000.00! And of course, that price is not taking into account inflation.

The cost of a wedding is enough to make some couples want to forgo marriage altogether. But don't lose faith-you can still have a great wedding, even if you don't have twenty grand to spend.
Tips For A Great Wedding
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    Wedding Shower Gifts Wedding Registry

    Location, Location, Location
    Have you ever thought of having the wedding reception at a more modest location? Renting a country club or hall can be expensive. Having the reception at your own home or in a friend or relative's residence, is not only economic it's more personalized. If that solution seems too homely, then consider having the wedding and reception at the beach or in a public garden. These rentals might cost money but the price will be much more reasonable. Finally, wherever you book your reception book it several months in advance to early to avoid extra spontaneity charges.

    Wedding Dresses
    Wedding dresses could end up costing hundreds to thousands of dollars if not budgeted carefully. Cut back on costs by wearing the same wedding gown that was worn by a relative, such as your mother or grandmother. Another idea would be to consult a designer consignment shop and inquire about second hand wedding dresses. These dresses have only been worn once and have been preserved. While everyone might like the idea of a brand new dress not everyone can afford a twenty thousand dollar wedding.

    Wedding Cakes
    Why pay someone else to personalize your own wedding? Baking your own wedding cake or having a friend do it for you might be inexpensive-but it doesn't have to be cheap. If you prefer to buy a professionally prepared cake then consider buying two-a wedding cake and a less expensive sheet cake to serve your guests. Also, don't be afraid of introducing other (less expensive) desserts rather than stuffing your guests full of nothing but high priced wedding cake.

    Your wedding is about you and your new spouse, not about money, fancy cakes and elegant parties. Spend enough money to make it a memorable event, but don't feel the need to go into major debt just to say, "I love you".

    Wedding Registry
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