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registering for gifts, registering for wedding gifts, register for gifts It's not mandatory that a bridal registry list be traditional, proper and include only housewarming gifts to choose from. Particularly, if the bride and groom have no use for these common items and would much rather have something else. Guests are, after all, shopping for the newly wed couple and want them to genuinely appreciate their gift. This is why many people set up registries with specialty stores, not related to appliances, kitchenware and beddings.

If the bride and groom are more into camping than collecting fine china, then they may appreciate gifts from the REI outdoor living store. Along with camping supplies, REI features clothing, biking equipment, kayaking and canoeing supplies, travel bags, snowboarding supplies, and exercise accessories. Anybody who ever leaves the home and goes outside will most likely find something of interest in REI. REI also has an online registry system that allows for faster shopping, more convenient shipping and the ability to track orders and registry lists online.

Furniture Stores
While furniture stores might not be not as fun as shopping for camping supplies, buying furniture is a much more practical gift than outdoor equipment or fancy kitchenware. Many top furniture stores have bridal registry plans available including department stores like Macy's and JC Penney. Furniture can be both practical and aesthetic. Buying furniture doesn't have to be a thousand dollar wedding present that taxes your guests' budget. Choose some simpler items for your gift wish list, in different price ranges from fairly expensive to simple and affordable.

Increase Your Options
A smart idea and one that is generous on your guests, as well as fair to you, is to set up a bridal registry with more than one store for different needs. If you have some need of kitchenware, then choose one store and one list for those needs, another store for your camping needs and another one for furniture. Choosing many different options for your guests lets them feel less manipulated and more open to use their discretion, thus giving the feeling of spontaneity. Additionally, setting up registries early (even after the engagement is finalized) allows more time for gift-giving, from pre-wedding showers to even wedding presents a few months too late.

Your wedding gifts can be fancy, practical or even fun. Since it's your day, why not make your list all of the above, with different registries and unique gift lists?

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