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bridal shower invitations. Four Gag Gift Ideas For Your Wedding Shower
There are some people that like respectable gifts for their wedding shower like coffee mugs and bathrobes. Then there are some people who like coffee mugs and bathrobes, but who would prefer them to read "World's Worst Husband."

Gag gifts are the preferred choice for many newly wed couples with an irreverent sense of humor or for couples who just want to have a little bit of fun during their engagement. Consider 4 unique ideas to make your "gag gifts" bridal shower memorable.
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    Wedding Shower Gifts Wedding Registry

    1. Toast The Bride, Roast The Groom.

    If the wedding shower is co-ed, consider a system where the guests buy real gifts for the bride and gag gifts for the groom. Most men aren't too nuts about china or linen gifts anyway. But a lot of men love a good joke and a running joke of cheesy or tasteless gifts for the groom could make for a night full of big laughs.

    2. Deliver A Honeymoon Suitcase.
    For bridal showers, a honeymoon suitcase might be a clever gag gift. How it works is that the suitcase is packed with all of the different gag gifts from the guests, and the bride-to-be opens the suitcase, playing along with facetious theme of what she'll need on her honeymoon. Things can really get fun when the gifts are left anonymously and or with a personal message to the bride. Make it a mystery game or keep it a secret forever, either way it's a lot of fun.

    3. Run A Paper Bag Auction
    Another idea might be to use cheap paper bags to store the gifts, and have a paper bag auction. The guests will have to guess at what's in the bag and bid an amount of money. The highest bid wins the gag gift while the bride-to-be takes home the money from the bids. This is a much more inventive and fun way to give the newly weds money rather than just donating a contribution.

    4. Snap Snap
    Pictures, that is. What good is a loud, fun and obnoxious bridal shower between friends without a camera to record the silly shenanigans? And of course to capture that all-important moment when the future bride opens the gag gift and has that classic look on her face! Cameras are a great way to capture the moment, and it's especially fitting when one of the gang is saying goodbye to single life.

    The wedding will be remembered as beautiful, the honeymoon fantastic, the marriage a thrill. But the bridal shower will always be remembered as great fun!

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