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wild bachelorette party.Wild Bachelorette Party_Ideas
Okay, so you and your friends are not exactly known as a bus load of nuns. You like to have a little bit of fun-especially considering that you're losing one of your own to the big "I Do." But you can have one last wild bachelorette party! Why do anything if you can't do it to the point of excess? Consider some wild bachelorette party ideas and gifts.

Wild Bachelorette Ideas
Sure, there will be plenty of hard drinks there to lighten up the mood. But once everybody's flying, why just sit around and incoherently talk? Why not also play a few interesting games?

One popular game is Bride & Groom trivia. This works very well when a friend who knows both the bride and groom writes the trivia questions and quizzes the bride-to-be. For additional fun, interview the groom ahead of time and compare his answers to the bride's answers for some eye opening, "Newlywed Game" style fun.
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    Truth or dare and other variations of the notorious honesty game are nother popular choices. One variation could be "I Never" which has all the players state something they've never done, and the one that has done the unthinkable has to take a drink. (Actually all of these games are much funnier when you add a drinking rule to the equation. Go fig!)

    Wild Bachelorette Gifts
    The second half of the entertainment is the outrageous and tasteless gifts. These aren't exactly china or kitchenware. But gag gifts have a way of lightening the mood-especially after all the drinking during "I Never." Some top selling gag gifts include: a glow in the dark bubble bath formula which lets the suds and thus the bather glow in the dark; a vibrating rubber ducky, which is somewhat self explanatory, and does actually work under water; and the Strip Chocolate board game, a game that combines sex and chocolate. (Which has to be a good thing)

    Other popular gag gifts might include body candy, different types of condoms for experimentation, and sexual how-to books. When in doubt, just buy the furry handcuffs and get a picture of the blushing bride-to-be.

    A bride only gets to have a bachelorette party once in a lifetime (hopefully) so if she and the girls are up for it, make it a wild night they won't soon forget.

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